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Relaxing Area

Relaxing Area

As I am not just a Web Designer Graphic designer and computer engineer who only likes computers and Windows 98, and because what characterizes us is not just our job, I told myself that a relaxation area would be a good idea. A cultural space on a communication site ?? You tell me.

Well, I will answer you simply: Why not! A little humanity and sharing in this world! Either way, I’m the one who decides here, right? Take this site as my store, with a little dark room at the back, where I would put a whole bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with web design or graphics, but just things that I like, that can be old school games (I want to point out that ALL GAMES ARE PLAYABLE on the computer directly on this page), music or whatever, whatever I like and that I want to share. I will be updating this page regularly and you know what? You can even comment whatever you want at the bottom of the page!

Old school games

Prince of Persia

As far back as I can remember, I believe Prince of Persia is the first video game I hooked up to (i.e. the first one that drove me crazy, let’s agree)! Now I fall back on it 20 years later, and I barely reach the 2nd level!


Cory Wrong / The Paisley Park Session

A friend shared this with me a few days ago. Cory Wrong is the guitarist of the funk band Vulfpeck that I advise you to discover, if you don’t already know! This live studio, it was a great slap of funk for me!

What do you think?

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